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UPC is proud to launch the

Empowering sprayers with the tools

and incentives to process the best

possible spray foam insulation. 

Through the App, sprayers can access exciting rewards for quality installation of UPC products, robust tech support, UPC Approved Applicator and Training Program, and continuous monitoring of installations.

Early 2022

Get the App

Download the app to have access to all SLP perks, benefits and rewards on your mobile devices.


2021 Patent Pending



Each drum of UPC chemical contains a unique identifying code that the Sprayer scans through the SLP App. This immediately associates the Sprayer with:

  • A specific drum 

  • A specific job location

  • The current weather data 

  • Unique spray settings



SLP incorporates a training and certification program that verifies the Sprayer’s comprehension of spray guidelines and provides ongoing continuing education and tech support. SLP empowers the sprayer with the tools and knowledge to enable them to perform at their very best.



A sprayer earns Spray Points for each drum of  UPC product sprayed. These points can be redeemed for merchandise and participating store gift cards. Additional Points can be earned through Referrals and Contests. Sprayers can enhance their rewards by participating in continuing education credits.   

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